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The HorseChain Foundation will subsequently develop a number of other decentralized applications (Dapps) that will enable mass adoption, these will also come pre-installed in the Official HorseChain app in later version updates.

The main objective of HorseChain is to stimulate the multi-billion dollar equine industry by implementing smart technologies, producing unbiased data, enhancing validation and detectability of extortion verification, and evacuating worldwide limits.

What is HorseChain?

About HorseChain

HorseChain is the main Equine stage on the planet to use blockchain innovation to change the equine world and make it progressively proficient, straightforward, secure and comprehensive.

We see HorseChain revolutionizing the equine world from fractional horse ownership on the blockchain to a marketplace, enabling equine community members to share their expertise and validated services through a community - administered social proofing system.

Our Mission

  • Driving the equine business to the next level through the improvement and usage of inventive approaches to improve the present equine administrations.

  • Worldwide integration of real authentication and guarantees quick access to equine data.

  • Optimize the industry by aligning the community of equines through a shared ecosystem, currency, and technology.

Our Vision

  • Setting up a properly regulated worldwide standard for validating, authenticating and managing equine identity, historical data and transactions through the HorseChain Platform.

  • Multifunctional center where all partners can effectively join, associate and execute equine stock, management, information and ability.

Auction Dapp

A decentralized worldwide auction hall to work together for steed dealers. Dealers and coaches on the stage selling steeds will pay for adding postings to the stage in HorseChain tokens.

X-RAY Dapp

Veterinarians will be asked to give their self-ruling, secretive (in case they pick) and impartial equine X-Ray judgment. HorseChain will balance pointless discussion among buyer and dealer and settle direct through a self-sufficient driving collection of industry specialists.

Information Analytics Dapp

Every single recorded datum will be accessible for examination on the stage. The Data Analytics Dapp will give basic knowledge into different informational indexes based on all of HorseChain's assorted equine data.

V2.0 Streaming Dapp

A blockchain - based equine streaming platform. We aim to be a trailblazer in combining emerging technologies with video streaming services such as distributed ledger and artificial intelligence. Viewers can also watch the championship of horses and vote which horses will win the championship.

HorseBNB Dapp

HorseBNB Dapp is a rental marketplace designed to rent your horse, pets or any service you own, such as land or stable. We use binance coin BNB here. HorseBNB Dapp is a blockchain-powered marketplace & technology where owners can rent their property globally, collect money, and manage reservations without paying middlemen commissions.

Digital Passport ID card

Digital Passport can be used also for another pet. Each horse has a unique wallet address that allows owners to make purchases and have a clear history of purchases that made this app correlate with other HorseChain apps.


Why Blockchain?

Equine Community


Blockchain exchanges capacity to the network from a centralized company. Registrations of HorseChain are available to third parties without design consent. On this unstoppable machine, downtime is relieved.

Equine Community

Ethical Information

With digital signatures and distributed validation, data integrity in blockchain technology is guaranteed. A history of tamper proof fits the HorseChain use cases nicely.

Equine Community

Secure and Constant

All members in the ecosystem have a stake in the overall network and accordingly guarantee the quality control and maintenance of the HorseChain Platform; that is, the risk of the system being manipulated or its structure being destroyed by any single party is made impossible by its distributed nature.

decentralised ecosystem

HorseChain Ecosystem

The ecosystem of HorseChain will adjust and join the equine network through shared availability, money and innovation of information. The platform of HorseChain goes through the Official HorseChain application and offers a range of features. Clients can validate the equine identification or identify a horse by pressing a 'scan' button, yet they can likewise introduce and get to all the Dapps based on the HorseChain Ecosystem.

development of Dapps

Dapps Development Support

The HorseChain Foundation will likewise bolster the advancement of Dapps made by and for the equine network explicitly. The Foundation will give the assets expected to build up the Dapp and to dispatch it effectively.

types of dapps

Development of Dapps

The HorseChain Foundation will also support the development of Dapps made by and for the equine community specifically. The Foundation will provide the resources needed to develop the Dapp and to launch it successfully.

HorseChain Solutions

HorseChain Solutions

In the HorseChain Solutions Dapp, breeders, trainers, logistics providers and event organizations can advertise their services. All service providers are paying a small fee for listing on the platform with HorseChain tokens.

HorseChain Forum

HorseChain Forum

A listing fee will pay by sellers of equine supplies and equipment on the Equine Forum Dapp (e.g. products related to clothing, vehicles and nutrition) to get their own decentralized store on the platform.

Equine Community

HorseChain Community

A place where the community of HorseChain is honoured from general discussion forums, blogs, latest news, and many more features for creating original content.

Equine Business Club

HorseChain Business Club

HorseChain aims to develop social media Dapps that aim to connect equine professionals so that they can build on their existing networks.

Equine Real Estate

HorseChain Real Estate

By creating a simple listing on the platform, users will be able to buy, sell and hire equine related real estate such as paddocks, livery yards, stables and training centers.

Equine Knowledge

HorseChain Knowledge Base

Researchers in the Equine Knowledge Dapp will have financial incentives to publish their findings on the HorseChain platform in various peer-reviewed journals. The Knowledge Dapp will also allow critical equine information to be shared between participants, such as handling guidance, riding, and horses training.

Equine Insurance

HorseChain Insurance

Insurance providers can use the medical history of a horse stored on the blockchain for their cost-risk analyzes. This will help protect a horse from serious medical emergencies as pre-emptive measures can be put into place. Accessing this information will give insurance providers a competitive advantage, as well as allowing individuals to make informed decisions based on blockchain information when choosing policies.

HorseChain Transportation

HorseChain Transportation

Transportation and logistics providers can list their services on the platform, and applications that track a location for horses and travel history can be used in the future. The condition of the horses could also be monitored via an Equestrian Transportation Dapp through NB - IoT.

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